Thursday, January 28, 2021

Mental Health Awareness

Today is Bell Let's Talk day and no matter where you go online you'll see posts from friends and family, and it seems everyone else, that use the now famous hashtag. All imploring each other to just talk. If you feel the need, just talk. The presumption, or I least my presumption, is that if you post or repost one of these hashtags then you are suggesting you're one that is open to talking.

That's an interesting thought, because I don't believe it's actually true. I think everyone has good intentions. Unfortunately, most fall short of the mark.

I see people posting that I know I've tried to talk to... just a, "can we get together for coffee" sort of approach. And, after several attempts, I just give up. So when you say 'Let's Talk', what does that mean? I imagine it means you have to be specific, "Like I'm totally depressed and I don't know what I'm going to do, I have to talk to someone!" Anything less and you get shuffled aside until the busy life is able to accommodate. That sounds harsh, I know. I don't mean to... most people are very busy. Jobs, kids, life... none of it stops and some are going so fast on their personal treadmill that stopping just to chat is out of the question... yet I think you have to find a way. It's exactly those subtle pleads that hide a bigger picture. 

So, if you're all about singing the Bell Let's Talk mantra, please...please, back it up. Don't just say the words, or repost them. Be there. Really be there. Someone's life may depend on it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day
In a 1995 interview Leonard Cohen said this about his song, 'Dance Me to the End of Love', a favourite of mine.

"'s curious how songs begin because the origin of the song, every song, has a kind of grain or seed that somebody hands you or the world hands you and that's why the process is so mysterious about writing a song. But that song came from just hearing or reading or knowing that in the death camps, beside the crematoria, in certain of the death camps, a string quartet was pressed into performance while this horror was going on, those were the people whose fate was this horror also. And they would be playing classical music while their fellow prisoners were being killed and burnt. So, that music, "Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin," meaning the beauty thereof being the consummation of life, the end of this existence and of the passionate element in that consummation."
With everything I learn about the Holocaust, it's horror seems to become even more profound and that is possible I don't know. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

500px = Inspiration

I've been browsing through my 500px account this morning. What's interested me lately is how many contributors are using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, versus how many are using DSLRs. The answer is the latter, and by a very wide margin.

My iPhone 11 Pro has virtually replaced my DSLR. The change had as much to do with budget as anything, AND almost without exception everyone I know wonders why anyone would cart a DSLR around. I fell into that thinking and, for every day use, it's not wrong. Family events, selfies, quick snaps while shopping, eating out, whatever. You just can't beat the device in your pocket that has an aperture of as low as 1.2. A DSLR lens with that capability is just way out of reach for me and my bank account.

However, landscapes and nature shots that I like to take, with nice closeups using a 600 mm or even 1200 mm lens, a tripod and fast shutter speed...that just can't be beat. And those are the pics on 500px that inspire me, make me dream. I've long had my dream gear picked out but the money simply hasn't followed...yet.

Starting in on decade seven for me today, so there's still lots of time to create the future I envision. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Fresh Start

Well, it's a fresh start for this blog anyway. Actually, no. I think I'm having a fresh start in a number of ways.

Since 2021 began I've been working hard on securing my online presence. And by securing, I mean scaling it back in a fairly significant way. I unpublished 10 various blogs; I deleted three Facebook Pages; Sixteen social media accounts are gone; the remaining accounts have a less identifiable user name; most significantly, I've deleted more than 32,000 twitter posts — also known as tweets, a term I've never liked much.

What's left? This blog, although previous old and irrelevant posts are deleted. My 'Home' page is now a simple business-card-type that sports links to all the online accounts that I still want to be active with.

What's most exciting to me though is this blog. I want to use it as my re-commitment to writing, and perhaps an odd photo will creep in as well. My goal is at least 5 posts here each week. We'll see, because part of improving as a writer is reading more... and I'm not known as a speed reader so that'll chew up some time.

Off now to start my first novel of any length. Barack Obama's 'A Promised Land'.

Peace out...

Monday, January 11, 2021

Six Zero

 This is it.

January 2021. 

The month where I officially mark the end of my first six decades in this current body of mine. On January 26th. I will begin Decade Seven. And it will be a new life.

No more looking back, only looking forward. No more wondering, agonizing over what could have been, what should have been. From here on, it's all about what will be... and that starts today.

For many reasons, it is a brand new world out there. And so, for me also, it will be a brand new life.

Don't get me wrong, the struggles remain. But there have always been struggles, and there always will be. It's just part of this journey we call life. Enjoy each day, be thankful for the shortcomings, as they serve to heighten the joy of the good that will happen...and there will be a lot of good. Watch for it, embrace it, and above all, share it.

Ultimately, life is about love. That I can do. That, everyone can do. Let's do it together.

Welcome to Decade Seven.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Greta Van Fleet

Isn’t this sweet!? 😎 
The first brand new record I’ve purchased in at least 30 years! 

Greta Van Fleet Rock Band on vinyl record Anthem of the Peaceful Army

Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Beginning of My Collection

Cassette Tapes, Music, vintage, collection,

I purchased two lots of cassette tapes in the past week totalling 80+ cassettes for $23. Here are 60 of them. The quality is really amazing, as is the diverse genres. Collecting #CassetteTapes and #VinylRecords is a whole lot of fun 🤩

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