Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger

Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger at A&W thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Still Afloat?

Flying High

Bridge into Nature


Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder II

Cherry Beach

Under The Dome


Speed Demon

On The Rocks

Just Add Boats

Winter Retreat

The Body Shop

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Oshawa Light House Iced-in

A Winter's Walk

Grandma's Cottage in the Woods

Oshawa Pier on Ice



The Gathering

Eating Nature

The Watering Hole

Calm After The Storm

A New Beginning

Home Sweet Home

Beating The Storm

Graffiti Sunset

Storm's Over

Police Boat

Peer Fishing

Foreboding and Inviting

Ice rink Somerset House, London by roughtravels

Beach Playtime

Sunset Harbour

It's Not All About Fishin'

Sails Down at Dusk

Nice spot for walking Abby

Started exercising today...sort of

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