First snow shoveling of the season ❄️ No complaints here…made it to December 11th 👍😊

Riley & Frankie with three friends

Tried for a family photo in front of our “tree”, but neither Frankie or Riley were in the posing mood 🐾😂🐾

Dark Roast Peanut Butter. Finally!

Look who we met at the Christmas Market 😊

It’s a standoff between a Bichon Frisé and Nigerian Dwarf Goat

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear…” JD #LestWeForget

My Class Picture from 1969 at Bessborough School, Leaside

Listening to Graham J Williams Music on @Bandcamp

Fall Colours

#GoodMemory — 2010 St. Mary’s Ringette Tournament Champs

Daughters of the Occupation

Abby & Ronnie in Jan 2011, the week I adopted them 🥰

The TikTok Generation

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Five Little Indians

Bon appétite. Happy Sunday.

Abby (RIP 🥰) and Riley on the Port Union Waterfront Trail, 2013

I Always Thought "Ted" Was a Kid's Movie... nope 🤣

Stanley, Riley, Stella, and Frankie - Playing by the Creek

One of my favourite foods just got better

My two eldest girls with me around 1990

Sleeping With the Past, Elton John

It Takes 119.5 Seconds to Pour a Guinness Draught

Theresa & Patrick: a Beautiful Couple, a Beautiful Wedding — Lasalle Park, Burlington

Everyone’s in the Cool Basement for an Afternoon Nap

I’ll be Celebrating Canada Day by Caring for 18 Pets

I Wonder How Many @HarveysCanada Burgers I’ve Had Since the 70s?

The Flame: Leonard Cohen’s Final Book

Custom Logo T-Shirts using Heat Transfer Paper

Finally Purchased My @OSCC55plus Membership

My Latest Pickup at @OshawaLibraries

Can’t See the Forest for the Tree

Old Guinness jumps off bridge into creek

Frankie and Jordan having some creek fun

Obscured by Clouds - My Favourite @PinkFloyd album turns 50 today

Members playing at Oshawa Dog Club

First Suit in More than a Decade from @MooresClothing

Toronto Voyageurs Hockey Club • MTHL 1971

The Toronto Telegram ceased Publication in 1971

Double Dog

Frankie, Riley, and Stanley

@AncestryCA Says I’m Part Irish… so in that spirit, here’s a @GuinnessIreland fact sheet 😁

It Ain’t Easy. John Baldry on Vinyl

Great Video about ACE — Adverse Childhood Experiences

Frank Sinatra Vinyl from the 1950s

Did You Win the Day or Lose it?

One of My Fave Songs/Prayers — Leonard Cohen, Come Healing

The Beard is Coming Back

How to Pour a Can of Guinness at Home

Guinness. It’s good for you.

Toshiba TMC-7560 Vintage Stereo

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer in Canada?

Pride And Joy — Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live at Montreux 1982

Chung Moi Restaurant

An Early Easter Gift

Groceries from @AmazonCa

My Littlest Princess

My Favourite Coffee Roaster | @Balzacs ...via @citylifetoronto @YouTube

Recommend in Durham Region

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

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