Mental Health Awareness

Today is Bell Let's Talk day and no matter where you go online you'll see posts from friends and family, and it seems everyone else, that use the now famous hashtag. All imploring each other to just talk. If you feel the need, just talk. The presumption, or I least my presumption, is that if you post or repost one of these hashtags then you are suggesting you're one that is open to talking.

That's an interesting thought, because I don't believe it's actually true. I think everyone has good intentions. Unfortunately, most fall short of the mark.

I see people posting that I know I've tried to talk to... just a, "can we get together for coffee" sort of approach. And, after several attempts, I just give up. So when you say 'Let's Talk', what does that mean? I imagine it means you have to be specific, "Like I'm totally depressed and I don't know what I'm going to do, I have to talk to someone!" Anything less and you get shuffled aside until the busy life is able to accommodate. That sounds harsh, I know. I don't mean to... most people are very busy. Jobs, kids, life... none of it stops and some are going so fast on their personal treadmill that stopping just to chat is out of the question... yet I think you have to find a way. It's exactly those subtle pleads that hide a bigger picture. 

So, if you're all about singing the Bell Let's Talk mantra, please...please, back it up. Don't just say the words, or repost them. Be there. Really be there. Someone's life may depend on it.


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