Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Fresh Start

Well, it's a fresh start for this blog anyway. Actually, no. I think I'm having a fresh start in a number of ways.

Since 2021 began I've been working hard on securing my online presence. And by securing, I mean scaling it back in a fairly significant way. I unpublished 10 various blogs; I deleted three Facebook Pages; Sixteen social media accounts are gone; the remaining accounts have a less identifiable user name; most significantly, I've deleted more than 32,000 twitter posts — also known as tweets, a term I've never liked much.

What's left? This blog, although previous old and irrelevant posts are deleted. My 'Home' page is now a simple business-card-type that sports links to all the online accounts that I still want to be active with.

What's most exciting to me though is this blog. I want to use it as my re-commitment to writing, and perhaps an odd photo will creep in as well. My goal is at least 5 posts here each week. We'll see, because part of improving as a writer is reading more... and I'm not known as a speed reader so that'll chew up some time.

Off now to start my first novel of any length. Barack Obama's 'A Promised Land'.

Peace out...

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