1978 to 2024

Hard to believe these pictures of me were taken 46 years apart and yet I look pretty much the same 😜😂

500px = Inspiration

I've been browsing through my 500px account this morning. What's interested me lately is how many contributors are using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, versus how many are using DSLRs. The answer is the latter, and by a very wide margin.

My iPhone 11 Pro has virtually replaced my DSLR. The change had as much to do with budget as anything, AND almost without exception everyone I know wonders why anyone would cart a DSLR around. I fell into that thinking and, for every day use, it's not wrong. Family events, selfies, quick snaps while shopping, eating out, whatever. You just can't beat the device in your pocket that has an aperture of as low as 1.2. A DSLR lens with that capability is just way out of reach for me and my bank account.

However, landscapes and nature shots that I like to take, with nice closeups using a 600 mm or even 1200 mm lens, a tripod and fast shutter speed...that just can't be beat. And those are the pics on 500px that inspire me, make me dream. I've long had my dream gear picked out but the money simply hasn't followed...yet.

Starting in on decade seven for me today, so there's still lots of time to create the future I envision. Stay tuned.

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