Changing My Life in 2024 Through Minimalism

New Year's resolutions aren't usually my thing, and I'm not sure 2024 is any different. I have decided to actively adopt a minimalist lifestyle, but I think it was just time — and that time just happened to coincide with New Years…so let's call it a resolution, why not?

The only plan was to declutter my living space… a one bedroom basement apartment with a dry kitchen, a 3 piece bath, and a utility/storage area. Basically I set about ridding myself of excess furniture and any items that I haven't used in the past year. I think that included 80% of what was in my designated kitchen area. I had to adjust the plan a bit when it came to my DVD, CD, cassette tape, and vinyl record collections. Basically I only retained ones I reasonably thought I would watch/listen to again. So now I'm down to a couple dozen DVDs, about 30 CDs, 10 cassette tapes, and 50+ records. A few record albums made it more for the quality of the album art than the music. Some early album art is simply fabulous!

I hadn't thought about limiting my digital footprint because that primarily existed in the cloud anyway. Then I thought about the money I was wasting on under utilized subscriptions and quickly identified three I could probably live without. I mean how many shows/movies/podcasts/etc can one person watch and still remain sane?

So (initially) my YouTube, Amazon Prime, and CBC Gem subscriptions have been eliminated. And I feel better already!

I think I'm going to really enjoy minimalism as I continue to become more immersed in the lifestyle. Really looking forward to where this takes me in 2024!


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