Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger

Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger at A&W thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs

March has been a big reading month for me

I don't remember any month that I've read so much, not even back in my high school days. Although, if you knew me in high school that wouldn't come as much of a surprise. This month I completed:
1) The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett. 900 pages.
2) The Pillars of the Earth, also by Ken. Over 1,000 pages and, if you've read it, you know it was about 200 pages more than needed.
3) Everyone Here is Lying by Shari Lapena. 352 pages.
4) Standing in the Shadows by Peter Robinson. 268 pages.

I've also been wading through Shanghai Grand by Taras Grescoe, and My Effin' Life by Geddy Lee. Both I intend to finish but I'm in no hurry.

While I generally like historical fiction, going forward I'm going to try to stick to novels in the 300 to 500 page range. More than that and I find I start to lose interest. Although that didn't happen with Ken Follett's The Evening and the Morning.

Happy reading.

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