A lunch that was 45 years overdue

North York Flames, circa 1978
• My best guess is this hockey picture was taken in 1978…the year this group was last together. Yesterday myself (top row, far right) and 3 other team members met up for lunch at a Firkin pub in Toronto. A conversation that was 45 years overdue! Amazing how we pretty much picked up where we left off… still friends, still teammates, still knowing we've got each other's back. If the coaches hadn't bothered with a team picture that year, I doubt any of us would have batted an eye. But 45 years later I sure am grateful to have this memory.

The three I had lunch with were;
• Neil Harris - front row, 2nd from left
• Ben Hunter - back row, 2nd from left
• Rob Perrault - middle row, 3rd from right
• and again, that's me, Bob Rodkin - back row, far right

The best of memories ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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