Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger

Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger at A&W thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Weebly in...Weebly out. Back to Blogger.

It's only been 11 days since I decided to move my main personal / business / whatever site from Blogger to Weebly. I do sites for others in Weebly and I thought it'd be a good way to really get into it... and yet there's one BIG problem. Posting to the blog.

With Weebly, you need to login to their dashboard to post to your blog. Which is fine if you're paying someone like me to do it for you. And Weebly does offer an Android and Apple app to simply the process, such as it is...

But what if I want to post to my blog, as close to daily as possible, a relatively easily. Then really, Blogger is the way to go. I can draft an e-mail in gmail, which is accessible from pretty much ANYWHERE, click send and it's posted. Voila! The subject of the e-mail is the blog post and photos / videos are dealt with beautifully. If further 'massaging' is required it can be done online or via the tablet app... for some reason Google dropped the Blogger mobile phone app.

So anyway, that's me and my site's latest news. I'm 11 days on Weebly and back here to blogger. Feels good to be home :)

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