Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger

Enjoying a $2 Teen Burger at A&W thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs

I Wonder How Many @HarveysCanada Burgers I’ve Had Since the 70s?

I don't get off the ranch much these days but when I do, I like to get my Original Combo at Harvey's. Pictured here is a stock photo but my usual is an original, no cheese, with mustard, relish, pickles, onions — which was half gone before I thought to take a pic, hence this stock photo. In the 70s I'd order either my usual, or my other favourite they don't have anymore — steak on a bun with frings. Regardless of how many burgers I've had over the years, Harvey's has been my go to place for almost 50 years. In the 70s the usual location was the one in Scarborough on Sheppard at Brimley. Harvey's, a good meal every time!

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