The Politics of Religion... Sooo disappointing

My rather flippant and largely uncharitable response to this is to reiterate one of my favourite  quotes... "the more I talk with people, the more I love my dog."

I read where others, several others, comment that 'this is why I don't like organized religion' ...and honestly, even while I'm aware of the good arguments against that statement, I find it difficult not to agree. Being a baptized Catholic that now attends an Anglican Church, I do feel like I've jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

I made that 'jump' just over three years ago and was waiting for "The Vote" then to decide if I'd stay or go. I wanted, mostly above all else, to be part of an institution that is inclusive. The vote at that synod was in favour of the changes, and I was happy as it meant the 'spiritual home' I had found was one that I was comfortable with calling my own. Now, after the required 2nd vote, I find myself rethinking that. I also feel somewhat betrayed, which I admit isn't entirely rational. Certainly the voting process itself needs some attention... organized religion at its finest.

Anyway, for me this is much food for thought (and prayer).

Please excuse the rant. Peace....

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