Is cursive on the way out?

I guess I’m a bit behind the times with this whole issue of cursive being relegated to the back of the classroom in some schools, and pushed completely out in others. It is news to me though as I just happened across the issue on social media. After a wee bit of googling I found a landslide of posts and lengthy articles confirming that cursive is indeed in danger of being lost.

Like anything and everything there a multitude of arguments for and against. I have nothing to add to what I’ve already seen “out there”, except my vote that it be saved. I really, REALLY hope cursive remains as an important subject in our schools. Handwriting adds a beauty to our language, any language, that is simply not found elsewhere. Consider the graceful elegance of a handwritten love letter. Now consider those exact same words as text message. Which would you rather receive? Which note would you be more likely to cherish? The answer is obvious of course.

I think cursive brings alive the romance between our spoken and written words. What a tragedy it would be to let it slip away.


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