Workmate to Lifelong Friend.

What is work but just another part of living? And being such, and presuming we want to live a happy life, it only makes sense that your work should make you happy. Not only what you do, but where yo do it, and with whom.

I’m fortunate in that my current work (writing and design etc) can be accomplished from anywhere. Presuming I can find a decent WiFi connection. This mobility enables me to move around while I work, and I take full advantage of that.

Most recently, I visited an old friend (and workmate) at his home in Owen Sound, Ontario. Gorgeous little town, on the southwestern shore of Georgian Bay, that looks especially picturesque in the winter.

This friend is the perfect example of the joy that can be found in work, and in how that can enhance your overall life experience. Which I think is what we are all trying to do, be happy.


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