Friday, January 22, 2016

What the F*ck?

In the past week I’ve spent a lot of time re-aquainting myself with Medium. Following a few writers I like, and unfollowing those who haven’t posted anything at all, or haven’t for over a year or more.

More importantly, I’ve read some really, REALLY, good stories (or posts, or articles, or whatever your label preference) here, and a few not so good ones. One thing I have noticed is the use of the word “Fuck”, both in body and in headlines, with much more frequency than I would have presumed necessary. The thing is, I don’t recall seeing it where another word would have been better suited. So I wonder, is it being utilized more often these days, than say a decade or two ago, because it is more acceptable now? Or is our society just generally fucked? The question is not rhetorical…

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