1978 to 2024

Hard to believe these pictures of me were taken 46 years apart and yet I look pretty much the same 😜😂

Started exercising today...sort of

Sort of? That means stationary exercise, inside, in my small space. Small enough that I had to rework some things just to get enough floor space to stretch out. The area between my two rooms is the spot.

So today’s exercise? Real simple for most. For me, at my motivation level — which is several ladder rungs below zero — it was about 10 minutes and consisted of the following.

• Jog on the spot for 5 minutes. This may need to be revisited as I was really feeling it in my ankles. Maybe some kind of platform? Right now it’s just a layer of carpet on a cement floor.
• 20 leg pull ups — these in lieu of traditional sit-ups
• 20 side leg lifts on each side
• 10 push ups… and I can’t believe how hard this was. My record was 55 in 60 seconds… 40 years ago.  

Started and finished with some stretching. Nothing too extensive, just stretching out a few areas that felt tight. Should probably work on this area a bit more.

I’m not even going to talk about my diet. It’s bad. Real bad. All processed foods…the longer the expiration date the better. I honestly, and quiet literally, put more thought into buying coffee than food. Coffee is important.

Of to walk the dog now. That’s not really exercise though, not going as slow as old Abby goes it isn’t.

Today’s weight is 208.4 lbs …I find it amusing that I bothered with the “.4"

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